More tasty disbelief from Saša and David as they discuss the use of the tag-phrase ,,…stačí ti to?” when you tell an amazing story.

Grammar tip: The verb “stačiť” literally means “to suffice”. It’s normally used in 3rd person (it) and the object pronoun changes. Literally, “Stačí ti to?” translates as “Suffices you, that?” It does not sound clumsy in Slovak. 😉

The phrase is mostly seen with the 2nd person as the pronoun (ti = you), but here is how the object pronouns work:

stačí mi toI‘ve had enough (it’s enough for me)
stačí ti toyou‘ve had enough
stačí jej toshe‘s had enough
stačí mu tohe‘s had enough
stačí nám towe‘ve had enough
stačí vám toyou‘ve had enough (plural)
stačí im tothey‘ve had enough

To pronounce the palatal ť sound in “ti“, try making a “t” sound using the middle of your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Song: Kráľovna bielych tenisiek (Queen of the White Sneakers) by Elán
(yes, they are from Slovakia, but Czechs love them too!)

Elán formed in 1968 and are considered Slovakia’s most successful rock band, still able to play sell-out concerts. Their largest audience was in 2003, in Prague, where they played to 90,000 fans… stačí ti to?

Backing music by RA90901

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