OH COME ON, David!! It doesn’t sound that rude. Saša sets David straight with the fakts.

Pronunciation tip: Fakt needs the clear a sound. Pronouncing fakt like the English “fact” is understandable (Slovaks hear fäkt), but it sounds weird.

Examples of fakt in sentences:
fakt nepotrebuješ peniaze = you really don’t need money (nepotrebuješ = you don’t need)
fakt musím… = I really have to…
To je fakt. = That’s a fact (ie. a reality).

Song: Zvoňte zvonky (Let the Bells Toll) by Prúdy

Prúdy’s 1969 album Zvoňte zvonky was voted in 2007 as the greatest Slovak album of all time. Fakt!

Backing music by RA90901

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