Saša and David discuss blunt refusals to offers such as rolling naked in snow, or frying eggs. Absolutely, definitely, ZABUDNI!


Pronunciation tips: Fairly simple ones…

The accent always falls on the first syllable of a Slovak word: zabudni.

The ending -ni is a palatal ň, ie. use the centre of your tongue and the roof of your mouth to make the sound (the point in your mouth between n and ng)

Saša’s examples:
Zabudni, že toto urobím!” – Forget about me doing it! (lit. “Forget that I will do that!”)
Zabudni, že tam s tebou pôjdem!” – Forget about me going there with you! (lit. “Forget that there, with you, I will go!”).

Note: perfective verbs in Slovak (urobíť, pôjsť) use prefixes and mean a completed action, ie. only past or future action. The imperfective verbs (robiť, isť) refer to present action.

Song: Zabudni (Forget It) by Dramatikz

Rhythmical Dave: Hey Saša, let’s do some freestyle rap!

Backing music by RA90901

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