David begins to wonder why they’re doing this podcast, but Saša has the answer: len tak.

len tak – literally, “only so”, but can be understood roughly as “just for fun” or “no reason”

lebo medvede – literally “because (of) bears”. It can be a brusque response to a stupid question. “No, lebo medvede” = “Well, because of bears (what do you think?)”

Also, lebo medveď and lebo ľadové medvede  (“because of polar bears” ie. your question was that ridiculous) are used.

Pronunciation tip:

Remember the pronunciation of -de uses the centre of the tongue, not the tip: ď-e

Song: Len tak (Just So) by Sue

Sue is the stage name of Slovak singer Zuzana Marušinová. Why did she shorten it to Sue? Len tak…

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