Saša and David tackle the ubiquitous Slovak word, prosím.

Here’s the “translated” dialogue from the beginning of the podcast…

David: Prosím (Excuse me) Saši, can you show me the notes, prosím (please)?
Saša: Prosím (Here you are).
David: Prosím (Sorry? ie. I didn’t hear properly)?
Saša : Prosím (Here you ARE).
David: Prosím (Come again)??
Saša : Ach, prosím ťa (Oh come on, ie. stop being silly)!

Extra phrases:

Prosím (si) ešte pivečko/kávu – Please, another bevvy[beer]/coffee.
Prosím, gate si nosím – You’re welcome, I’m wearing pants.

Remember, the thing asked for takes štvrtý pád (akuzatív) form!

Song: 22 dní (Twenty-Two Days) by Miro Žbirka

Trivia: before the Tender (Velvet) Revolution, “western” pop songs were typically translated and re-released in Czech or Slovak, as original recordings were not allowed past the border. Recognize this one… prosím.


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