Saša and David give you a wealth of phrases when someone is getting papuľnatý (mouthy), and you just want to tell them to SHUT UP.

Ticho, prosím – Quiet, please
Nevyrušuj(te) – Do not disturb

Buď ticho! – Be quiet! (In Profesionáli: Šaňo, ty buď ticho! Ty si debil! – Shut up! You are an idiot!)
Pšt! – Shh!

Very direct/colloquial:
Zavri / Drž hubu! – Shut / Hold your gob!
Zavri si chlebareň / klapačku / klapajzňu / piraňu! – Shut your breadbox / little clapper / stupid little clapper / piranha!
Zklapni! – shut it!

Grammar tips:

The direct and colloquial forms all use the imperative form of the verb… of course.

You can use a diminutive form derisively in Slovak, with the meaning of “stupid little…”, by adding -zňa to the end, instead of -ka. In our examples, because the noun is a direct object (štvrtý pád), -zňa becomes -zňu.

Speech is sliver, silence is golden:
Hovoriť striebro, mlčať zlato (Slovak)
Mluviti stříbro, mlčeti zlato (Czech)

Song: Ticho má hlas (Silence Has a Voice) by Komajota

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