It’s summer and school’s out! Saša and David agree that everything now is v pohode.

Pronunciation tip: the v becomes an f sound because the following sound (p) is unvoiced. Although written Slovak is generally phonetic, consonants will become voiced or unvoiced in speech, depending on the other consonants which precede or follow.

A voiced consonant (b/d/g/h/z) at the end of a word is unvoiced when spoken. eg. hrob (grave) = “hrop”, zahrad (garden) = “zahrat”, mozog (brain) = “mozok”, sneh (snow) = “snech”, and teraz (now) = “teras”.

Details about the Pohoda festival can be found here! www.pohodafestival.sk

Song: Tvoj sneh (Your Snow) by Collegium Musicum

Backing music by RA90901