David is leaving Slovakia! Saša is sad. Is this the last Snack we’ll ever enjoy? It’s all in the word dovidenia

Grammar tip: dovidenia is 2nd case (do videnia), and sbohom is 7th case (s bohom). Although these are fixed phrases, it’s still interesting to know the mechanics. 🙂

Slovak uses vykanie (formal/plural you, literally “you-ing”) and tykanie (informal/singular you, literally “thou-ing”) when talking to others. You normally start with vykanie until given permission – yes, verbal permission!* – to use tykanie. Using tykanie without approval is being too familiar and comes across as simply rude. The other side of the coin is that once you use tykanie with someone, you (almost) never go back to vykanie: that would be like saying “I don’t know you anymore.” Using vykanie with family members is tantamount to disowning them.

*and no, you can’t simply ask. It’s a little more complex than that.

Erratum: David has clearly picked up a Záhorácky accent and is pronouncing the de and ni in dovidenia as hard, when in proper Slovak they should be softer and palatal (ď/ň). Daj pozor, Dave!

Song: Tajné milovanie (Secret Lovemaking) by Silvayovci feat. Tomáš Buranovský

We decided to offer you a special song: a Slovak singer (Buranovský) collaborating with a trad-mod Slovak group (Silvayovci) doing a cover by a Slovak band (IMT smile). Triple whammy? Even better: Richard Müller wrote the lyrics.

Bonus music!!

Silvayovci – Children of the Sandstorm (cover)

Tomáš Buranovský – Blízko Cieľa (Near the Goal)

IMT Smile – Tajné milovanie (original version)

Richard Müller singing Tajné milovanie (live)

Backing music by RA90901